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Fundamentum - Emberi jogi folyóirat

INDOK Kiadó 12. évf. 5. sz. / 2008 - 2008. október
  • Halmai Gábor: A Note th the Reader
  • Halmai Gábor - Győri Gábor (ford.): Referendum and Representative Democracy
  • Majtényi Balázs - Győri Gábor (ford.): A Right without a Subject? The Right to a Healthy Environment in the Hungarian Constitution and the Practice of the Hungarian Constitutional Court
  • Sólyom Péter - Varju Márton (ford.): The Constitutional Principles of Freedom of Assembly in Hungary
  • Kovács Kriszta - Karnis Andrea (ford.): Think Positive : Preferential Treatment in Hungary
  • D. Tóth Balázs - Varju Márton (ford.): The Perils of Privatising Public Powers
  • Polgári Eszter - Győri Gábor (ford.): The European Convention on Human Rights and the Case-law of the European Court of Human Rights in Hungarian Judicial Practice
  • Halmai Gábor - Győri Gábor (ford.): The Neighbours' Fear : Anti-Semitism in Poland Before and After World War II
  • Tóth Judit: What is "Challenge"?
  • L. Pap András: Introducing the "Efficiency" Element in to the "Liberty vs. Security" Dilemma
  • Tóth Judit: Who is Afraid of Asylum Seekers and Refugees after Enlargement?
  • Demény Gyöngyvér: Integration of Refugees in Hungary
  • Soós Edit - Fejes Zsuzsanna - Kántás Balázs (ford.): Hungarian Experiences of Cross-Border Cooperation
  • Körtvélyesi Zsolt: Common? Security? Policy? Mapping the Field of EU Internal Security Agencies

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